Cross-chain Swap Auction Protocol

Swap from any network with one click at the best rate via Solana

Solana (Auction Layer)
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Why Mayan

Why Mayan

Best rate

Mayan offers the best swap rate through English style swap auctions.


No one can pause or freeze your assets our contracts are non-custodial.

Single click

Single-click swaps without need to gas on the destination chain.

How it works

How it works
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On the source chain we convert the input tokens to USDC using swap aggregators and send it to destination chain using CCTP, we also send the data that is needed for auction using Wormhole message passing protocol.
On Solana we hold an auction to find the highest bidder for the swap. Winner of the auction becomes responsible for performing the swap on the destination chain.
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Winner of auction performs the final swap and sends the output tokens to users wallet trustlessly. In case winner fails to perform the swap, user has the option to receive the USDC tokens on the source or the destination chain.


Why Mayan
Projects can integrate Mayan using our open-sourced npm SDK and build their custom UI using it.
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If you wish to enable cross-chain swaps on your website, you can add Mayan widget to your website with one line of HTML code.
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Mayan Explorer

Why Mayan
We have designed a swap explorer so users observe every detail of swap transactions and track their progress.
mayan-explorer mayan-explorer


Why Mayan

Quarter 1

  • Verified English Auction
  • Audit by OtterSec
  • Swap SDK
  • Live auction spectator

Quarter 2

  • Referral program
  • Support Arbitrum
  • Swap widget
  • Gas on destination

Quarter 3

  • Swift NFT
  • CCTP token swap
  • Mayan mobile app (Solana SDK + Metamask SDK)

Quarter 4

  • Swift token swap
  • Second audit
  • Driver SDK
  • Chunking
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Our Partners

Why Mayan
Tagus Capital